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Best Christmas Party with Santa Claus visit

Invite Santa Claus to your Party!

Have you been good all year around? Do you want Santa Clause to come to your holiday?

Have a Magical & Merry Christmas with Santa Claus’s visit
Let your child believe in the Magic that can be brought to your home!

Santa Claus – $150 / hour

Miss Claus  – $150 / hour

Elf Face Painter – $69 / hour

Miss Santa Claus and Santa Claus – $250 / hour

Santa Claus’s Chair – $50 / day

Christmas/Holiday Backdrop with Stand – $50 / day
 Everyone loves Santa Claus, and there’s no better way to ensure you have a jolly good time

​Santa Claus is receiving a lot of letters from all the children around the world, so book your spot fast to ensure the holiday spirit

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